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Business Transformation and Leadership Consultant, Coach, CEO

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For 25 years, Sylvia Dolena's professional career has been focused in establishing operational excellence in business, customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction and organizational effectiveness. Sylvia has been with Hewlett-Packard for 18 years, 8 of those years as a Functional Manager in several business organizations in a variety of roles, and seven years as a senior business consultant, achieving Master Consultant designation. She has been a Support Operations Manager for North America (now HP Services) and a global program manager with a world-wide organization (now Agilent). Sylvia has been highly active in leadership development, organizational development and executive coaching. Her passion has been initiating change programs to improve businesses for customers and employees through generative organizational environments that offer challenging leadership opportunities for all active participants. Sylvia is an alumnae of the Accelerated Development Program (ADP), a program for nominated high-potential leaders.

Sylvia has led and/or provided consulting, coaching and training expertise for dozens of organization-wide, customer-centric initiatives, Employee Satisfaction programs, and technology implementations. Sylvia has led and sponsored many cross-boundary change initiatives focused on strategic business and organizational alignment, reengineering delivery processes and change management. Prior to joining HP, Ms. Dolena was a senior manager and board member for a middle market company in the freight industry and an IT manager for a major import services company.

Sylvia has been involved in many strategic projects. One has been to consult with and coach a Sales Account team and a customer retail team who are forming a Strategic Alliance in an exciting technology space. This sales team has won the "Achiever's Award" and a trip to Maui for their sales excellence. Sylvia also delivers leading edge leadership development programs, such as, Dynamic Leadership Lab, Leading Business Systems and Winning Edge. In the Leading Business Systems program she coaches VP level executives in a 5 month program. In Winning Edge, she is a coach/consultant/guide to a team of VPs who are in an 18 month Executive Leadership Development program.


Master Business Consultant and Executive Coach
Currently, Sylvia is a Master Business Consultant and Executive Coach in her own company and previously to Business Innovation and Transformation Services (BITS) at HP. As a Business consultant, Sylvia is focused on architecting and implementing systems-wide solutions for businesses, focusing on customer facing organizations and those needing to make an immediate strategic shift in direction. One of Sylvia's many knowledge assets is a Turbo organizational design methodology that was utilized by several organizations. Sylvia has provided consulting for strategic collaboration and cross-boundary alignment projects. In addition to business consulting, Sylvia coaches managers and teams in their business and leadership roles.

Sylvia was selected to participate in an 18 month Winning Edge program focused on Executive Leadership development and gaining business results. She is one of 11 Guides/Coaches/Consultants who will coach and guide a teams of executive leaders. Sylvia's team of 17 Senior VPs and VP are assigned to produce significant results in a company wide initiative. As part of the program, leaders will participate in a multi-rater 360 assessment, targeted education, learning intensives, personal coaching and peer coaching, and in cross-boundary business initiatives. Sylvia was again selected to participate as Guide/Coach/Consultant in the second 18 month Winning Edge program.

Business and Culture Transformation Agent
At HP, Sylvia's responsibilities included facilitating organizations in designing new structures aligned to new strategies, leading a global reengineering effort for TMO Support and Services Organization, leading the SAP Order Fulfillment program at TMO, consulting on various projects that required change management strategies and plans, working at the corporate level on The Rules of the Garage Program (culture transformation) and project managing the reinvention of the Award and Recognition Program.

Leadership Development Program Consultant and Facilitator
Sylvia has consulted to the Executive Leadership Development Organization at Hewlett-Packard. This program instills key Leadership competencies in the HP leadership through education, experience and coaching. Sylvia is currently delivering Dynamic Leadership Labs to HP leadership. Dynamic Leadership Lab is a two day program being delivered to every HP leader worldwide. This program was designed to address key leadership competencies necessary for leading businesses in today's environment. Additionally, she has developed a Strategic Alignment workshop for the Functional Manager Program that is a highly experiential program for leaders who have been promoted to a functional level (third level management up to General Management). Sylvia also delivers leading-edge leadership development programs, such as, Leading Business Systems and Winning Edge. In the Leading Business Systems program she coaches VP level executives in a 5 month program. In Winning Edge, she is a coach/consultant/guide to a team of VPs who are in an 18 month program.

Outside of HP, Sylvia delivers seminars and development courses for business leaders, coaches and consultants in face-to-face and virtual environments. Sylvia also has a leadership development and executive coaching practice outside of HP working with business leaders in high tech companies on improving their business results and leadership styles.

Sylvia has helped many small business owners improve the results of their businesses and has consulted to many start-ups, primarily women-led businesses.

Executive and Professional Coach
Sylvia is a graduate of New Ventures West, an intensive year-long Professional Coaching Course focused on ontological and integral coaching methods. In her coaching practice both inside and outside HP, Sylvia coaches several startup CEOs, a global business development manager and a national sales manager on aligning their activities to business objectives for highly leveraged results. She also coaches teams for high-level performance. Sylvia also provides individual and team virtual coaching to hundreds of professionals through web-based software applications and by telephone.

Business Innovation Lab Founder and CEO
To fulfill her life vision of contributing to powerful, successful and enlightened leadership, Sylvia founded BIL to develop leaders into highly competent integral leaders who intend on making a positive difference in their business, in their community and in the world. To support leaders and their businesses, BIL offers programs for Innovative Business Solutions, Strategic Leadership Development, and Achievement Coaching and Training.

Winning Edge University Founder and Director
Through hard work and fortunate circumstances, Sylvia received a multi-million dollar education and invaluable experience working all over the world on high impact projects through HP. Now that she lives in Hawaii, her goal is to give back to the community of new and emerging leaders. She has established WEU as a vechicle for offering education and experiences that are not easily accessible to most business people. Her business learning labs and leadership labs are practical, experiential and allow participants to experiment with innovative business concepts in a non-risk environment.

Community Service
Sylvia has donated much of her time and energy into two areas: to supporting Latino students at risk through the Digital Bridge Educational project. She has dedicated her efforts to delivering leadership and communication workshops and coaching to Latino youths at risk. As a service to professional business women who are in transition due to the bust, downsizing or other economic disruptions, she established a chapter of GraceNet as an educational and networking forum. As part of her contribution, Sylvia also coaches a Director of a non-profit focused on students at risk. Sylvia currently coaches women who are in transition and are now looking for a life and/or career change.

Educational Background
Ms. Dolena's undergraduate degree was in Computer Science, however she also invested a considerable amount of time researching and studying organizational behavior, socio-technical systems methodology and systems thinking.

Ms. Dolena completed an Executive MBA program through the Center for Organizational Effectiveness at USC's Marshall School of Business. Ms. Dolena also completed an Executive Program at Stanford University, focusing on Strategic Management of Technology-based Companies. This international program was conducted in concert with IESE, an international European business school, in Barcelona.

Sylvia is a certified facilitator of Conversant Technology, Dynamic Leadership and Fast Start. Sylvia is Certified Life Coach and Group Leader in Marcia Wieder's Dream Coach (R) program, Certified Educator in Source School of Tantra Yoga and Divine Feminine Institute, presenter and graduate of Syntax Advance Learning Institute, Professional Coach in New Ventures West, Integral Coaching Course, and Certified Master Business Consultant of HP and Executive Coach through HP leadership executive development program, Winning Edge.

Professional Networks and Community Building Involvement
Synergy Central Co-Founder
Initiating and funding Synergy Central was a natural progression for her vision of building collaborative, networked organizations which embody and model the organizations of the future. As CEO of Synergy Central, her goal is to develop Synergy Central to be an example of what is possible when thought leaders, change agents, pioneers, visionaries, consultants and coaches align, share knowledge and leverage their resources and networks.

Coach Universe Co-Founder
Initiating and funding Coach Universe has been another significant step in Sylvia's vision of collaborating with evolved mentors and coaches who are passionate about transformation and self-actualization for themselves and others.

GraceNet Silicon Valley Chapter Founder
Ms. Dolena founded GraceNet Silicon Valley in April 2000. GraceNet was founded in San Francisco in 1997. GraceNet Silicon Valley is a networking and professional development organization for business and professional women in high tech with a membership of 350 women. Many of these women are CEOs of their own companies.

CoachVille Founding Member
CoachVille, founded by Thomas Leonard, is a large global community of professionals committed to learning the language, practices, competencies and distinctions of Coaching.

HP Virtual Communities
Ms. Dolena has built virtual communities in HP for Accelerated Development Program (ADP), Leadership Education and Development (LEAD) and three ethnic Employee Network Groups.

Professional Development: Organizations and Associations
In addition to her current development and mentoring of GraceNet, Synergy Central, Coach Universe, and being an active member of the Organizational Development Network (ODNet), Ms. Dolena is an alumni and currently an active steering committee member of HP's Accelerated Development Alumni Network (a program for high potential management leaders), co-founder of Club Net, a networking group for Hewlett-Packard's women managers, and is also highly active as a steering committee member of Poder!, a virtual community focused on professional development of Latinos in and outside of HP.
Ms. Dolena is also a member of the steering committees for HP's MOC change agent network and HP Coaching Network.

Public Speaking Engagements
Some of Ms. Dolena's many speaking engagements include being featured as the keynote speaker at the World Bank Conference in Washington DC, a panelist at Bank of America Conference in San Francisco, Michael Hammer's SAP Conference in Boston, and the Workflow Conference in Boston. Sylvia recently delivered an Organizational Architecture presentation at Syntax Advance Learning Institute (SALI), and has made numerous appearances at various regional Leadership Development Conferences representing Coach Universe, Synergy Central, Business Innovation Lab and her latest creation, Winning Edge University.

Ms. Dolena is available for speaking engagements on a variety of topics including:
> Customer Attraction and Life-time Loyalty
> Riding the Economic Wave: 12 Actions to Stay Afloat
> Business Reality: Up Your Game
> From Salesperson to Trusted Advisor
> Million Dollar Communications for Million Dollar Results
> Getting More of What You Want in Business and in Life